A roofless Model 3 now exists.

Newport Convertible Engineering

The next-generation Tesla Roadster is — not surprisingly — delayed. What’s a Tesla enthusiast to do in the meantime? Send a Tesla Model 3 to Newport Convertible Engineering, of course.

The California-based shop that’s long performed Model S convertible conversions will now remove the roof from the Model 3. Top Gear first reported the latest addition to NCE’s roster of convertible conversions and it’s probably a love-it-or-hate it kind of affair. While it will totally meet the need for an open-air experience, the shop had to work around some hurdles.

They include the B-pillar, which sticks around because it houses Autopilot cameras. It’s nice to know the Model 3’s driver-assist system will still function, but it does look a tad awkward. Top Gear also reported the Model 3 convertible undergoes reinforcing to ensure structural rigidity. Otherwise, it looks like the rest of the body remains largely intact, and some trunk space should still be useable despite storage for the soft-top roof.

Overall, it still looks like a Model 3, even though I get some Volkswagen New Beetle vibes from the final product with the top down.

NCE is known for wild convertible conversions so it’s not a shocker the Model 3 is joining the fray. As for how much it’ll cost to perform the work, we don’t know. The shop didn’t immediately return a request for comment. If we hear back, we hope to learn a little more about the process as well.

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